[True] Change we can Believe in

August 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

[True] Change we can Believe in

I’ve got friends who are Republican, friends who are Democrat, independent friends, and friends who abstain from voting.  

I’ve got friends who connect their faith and theology to the political process, and I’ve got other friends who see no need to do so.

Some of these friends are close friends, and others are more like acquaintances.  Some are part of my faith tradition, some have chosen other denominational loyalties, and still others just aren’t sure.

But my friend Mark had this idea that I am supportive of, and I think my friends are too.

A bunch of us are planning to celebrate communion together on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.  So far, most of us are leaders of Mennonite churches, which are like circles of friends who distrust the political process to effect true and lasting change.  Most of us are also tired of the polarized nature of our political discourse, and we are seeking to demonstrate that we can disagree with each other–even on political issues–and still come to Christ’s table as brothers and sisters who love each other more than the issue at hand.

I hope you check back in over the next several months as Election Day Communion draws near.  If you are a pastor or other church leader, please see how you can be involved.  If you would like your church to be involved, please pass the word along!

Here’s to True change we can believe in!



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