The Danger of Thought

November 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Let’s not overthink
the genocide.
Thousands forced
to beg and cry
while I read
all safe
and dry
on land that was never mine

A long cold winter lies ahead
for native peoples
many dead
whole cultures,
families gone.
Let those who can
give thanks.

Holidays come and Holidays go
while we’re waiting on the snow
to cover up muddy ground,
the muck of tears in time.

Freeze them, freeze them
in their place
so we can get back to our pace
of life
and stuff
and abundance.
Let those who can
give thanks.

Winks and nudges made it real
thank God for winter; too numb to feel
their pain.
Not ours; thank God above
for this numbing cold that freezes love.

Don’t overthink this holiday.
One of many for which others pay.
From a land of slavery; we do give thanks
for the opiates we enjoy

Let’s just not overthink it.

Let’s baptize it instead.

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