Resolved? I don’t think so.

January 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t do resolutions. I’ve been down that road enough in the past that I know I’m happy and content enough with my life as it is, that it would take nothing short of either a small miracle or a large tragedy to change much about my routine.
So I don’t do resolutions anymore.
But I did recently read a challenge for “bloggers” to write a new post once a day for the next year.
Now, I don’t really consider myself a “blogger”, and the thought of writing something new and fresh every day does seem a little overwhelming (I’m pretty sure I’d bore myself to tears if I tried that).
But on the other hand, I’m generally in favor of just about anything that gets me to do something I enjoy on a more regular basis.
So how about I try to post something new once a week for awhile? All year sounds like a long time; but how about between now and…Spring?
It’s a very real possibility that I’ll run out of things to write about.

So what should be the subject of this, my first semi-regular post?

How about pain and suffering!?  Those always seem like timely topics.

And since they seem to be on my mind a lot these days, I thought I’d provide a handy link to a really helpful article here.

Just do everyone a favor and read all the way to the end before you write the whole thing off like some people have been known to do.  What I really appreciate about Greg Boyd is the way he doesn’t stand for pat answers to complex problems that have to do with “why” such and so happens to a struggling humanity.  The “Why” doesn’t exist.  At least not like we think it does.

A mother of three young boys gets cancer and survives to see them all marry.  Her younger sister, a mother of 2 younger boys gets cancer and dies.  So we join the victims of Herod’s massacre, turning our eyes to heaven and crying out with a gut-wrenching cry “why?”

We are unprepared to deal with the reality of a world of pain and suffering, and we are used to having quick answers and easy cause-and-effect diagnoses.  So these events that can’t be summarized, answered for, or explained march us steadily on towards a crisis of faith; a precipice from which we shove ourselves or other people when we refuse to hear their questions.  I mean really hear their questions.  Or we shove ourselves when we refuse to ask those questions of the God we have come to believe in.  But “why” is a loaded question; for God (the True God of Mystery and Love) has given us free choice and has not denied us the option of choosing evil.  And there is plenty enough evil to choose in our world.  It’s only repentance and patient, longsuffering love that will see us through.


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